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The pure essential oil of Lavender !
​One of the most popular medicinal herbs since ancient times. The name is derived from the Roman word lavera "to wash" as the Romans used the flowers in their baths.This calming oil also is very strong on fighting infections, arthritis, anxiety, tension, inflammation to name a few. Our Luscious Lavender Aroma Mist will spread this beautiful aroma through out your house . Try our other Luscious Lavender product as well.
​What is Aromatherapy ? Essential oils are the aromatic essences of plants, nature's essence. Essential oils are volatile oils, meaning they disperse in the air and float up into our nostrils. These aroma molecules hit receptors that set off a reaction that results in brain activity. Essential oils are also absorbed through the skin.These essences from our earth smell wonderful and they make us feel good emotionally as well as physically.They also have powerful healing properties that nourish and heal our skin and well being.
The pure essential oil of Peppermint !
Peppermint is cooling,so it is very good for skin complaints, fevers, or headaches and migraines linked to overheating. Our Mint Jubilee soap is wonderful for a refreshing shower. It helps to start your day right.
The pure essential oil of Rosemary !
​All ancient healers used rosemary. Our Rosemary Lace Massage Oil makes an excellent stimulating rub for arthritic conditions, muscular pain and weakness. Try the Aroma Mist for an all-around stimulant. Rosemary Lace soap with the camphor that is in rosemary, draws the blood to the surface of the skin.   Oatmeal is there as an exfoliate for mature skin.
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