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 Pure essential oils are the aromatic essence of plants. They have a remarkable ability to effect a person's well-being. Aromatherapy is the use of these concentrated plant essences to achieve a specific physical, emotional, mental or spiritual effect. We use pure essential oils only in our products.
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    Aroma Mist
  • Cool Breeze - Aroma Mist

    Cool Breeze is refreshing and purifying. Spray it on your chest for colds and flu relief. It's also a wonderful pest repellent and a great room spray. Catch the Breeze it'll blow you away!

  • Harvest Festival - Aroma Mist

    Harvest Festival Aroma Mist is great for clearing and cleaning the air. With its herbal and citrus aromas it's very appealing to many senses.

  • Lemon Tree - Aroma Mist

    The strong properties of Lemon Tree will clean the air and surface. The aroma is mood elevating and fresh.

  • Luscious Lavender - Aroma Mist

    An excellent body spray. Mist directly on your chest or bed linen for that perfect nights rest. Spray the room or car for that refreshing blast . A rich and luscious aroma.

  • Patchouli Passion - Aroma Mist

    Along with its distinct aroma, Patchouli has been used for centuries for its medicine properties in fighting a variety of fungal infections as well as its therapeutic properties in helping to relieve stress and enhance mood.

What is " Aromatherapy? "