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Made in America 100 % Natural Handmade Soap Since 1996

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   Our handmade soap is a wonderful way to bring the "Gift of Aromatherapy" to your being! Essential oils display powerful properties - antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and others. Each bar has a unique blend of these essential oils.
    We now offer a variety of other items in the same aroma therapeutic formulations, including , aroma mists, massage oils and aromatherapy oils (pure essential oils), skin creams, bath salts, and body essences (our natural perfume). And, a variety of gift items for the holidays, or all year round! 
Let the aroma catch you.  Feather Falls
Soap Company
  Our formulations of handmade soap is all natural with pure essential oils, herbs and spices there are NO added colors, NO perfumes and NO fragrances like most companies. Each bar of handmade soap helps provide proper nutrients essential to retaining moisture for that healthy, soft and luxuriant skin you deserve.
   Our handmade soaps have fantastic aroma therapeutic values. Aromatherapy has been around for over 2,000 years and is widely recognized as a way to enhance your psychological, mental and spiritual well being. The opinion is that plant oils have vibrations that dramatically affect the mood and energy levels of the body. The nose and skin become gateways to the body and soul and can bring about tremendous changes for an individual.
   Patchouli Passion is a rich, creamy, moisturizing soap with the bold, earthy aroma of Patchouli. This bushy, pink flowered plant from the mint family is native to the tropical regions of Asia. Patchouli has been used for centuries in perfumes, soaps and incense.   We offer our Patchouli Passion, in a Soap, Aroma Mist, Massage oil, Bath Salt, Aromatherapy oil ( pure essential oil ) and our Body Essence (our natural perfume ) which one application will last all through the day. Enjoy this rich, spicy aroma.
naturally handmade
What Is " Aroma Mist ? " 
   " Aroma Mist " is our blend of the finest pure essential oils, and water. We use a little grapefruit seed oil as a natural preservative, and just a splash of alcohol to aid in disbursement and preserving. Eight of our aromatherapy soaps come in  Aroma Mist, Massage Oil , Bath Salt and Body Essence. Luscious Lavender, Lemon Tree, Less Stress, Cool Breeze, Rosemary Lace, Harvest Festival, Wild Rose and Patchouli Passion "
   Our Gift Crates  are a wonderful gift for any occasion. We offer a 1-bar and Aroma Mist bag, 2-bar or 1-bar box.
All Natural Handmade Soap
Aromatherapy History
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Keep with your favorite scent throughout our line of products.
The all natural aroma of pure essential oils are appealing to the senses.
All Natural Ingredients
   We are all about going green , our all natural soap is environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable.
Get Your Scent On!!!
Go Green 
We've been green since 1996
We Manufacture Our Own Soap 
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   ​Our soap is a unique blend of premium pure essential oils and the finest base oils of saponified olive oil, coconut and sustainable palm. With our soaps' rich, healthy lather and nutrients it is truly food for the sensitive skin. The abundance of it's premium pure essential oils gives this soap it's outstanding qualities.
Contains no sulfates or detergents never any artificial colors or fragrances. 
Earth and Animal Friendly
Made in the  USA

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